The Adaptive Ride Enhancement System (ARES®) incorporates the Navatek Aft Lifting Body (ALB) with a state of the art ride control system. For small craft it can provide effective dynamic motion mitigation, reducing both crew and equipment exposure to shock in an offshore environment. For a detailed brochure click the following link: ARES Brochure
Navatek developed the Bladerunner 35 RIB in 2006. The BR-35 is a hull predecessor to the Sea Blade product line and is an entrapment tunnel monohull (ETM®). This militarized version of ICE Marine BR-34 sport boat, is optimized for very high speeds. It was designed for first responders, homeland defense, coast guard and military units.
BLB-70 Manufactured in 2007, Navatek's Bow Lifting Body (BLB) hull form was built to achieve the greatest combination of efficiency, seakeeping, and cost of any Navatek Ltd. lifting body ship. This all aluminum vessel provides a stable platform from which to conduct at sea operations, a weather proof helm station and long range capabilities.
Manufactured in 2009, the Sea Blade™ 40 is a hull predecessor to the Sea Blade product line. The Sea Blade 40 is an entrapment tunnel monohull (ETM®) designed for superior seakeeping, high payload, and high speed in a craft of moderate length-to-beam ratio to facilitate air transportability. For a detailed spec sheet please click the following link: Sea Blade 40 Spec
Manufactured in 2010, this Tandem Lifting Body (TLB) Catamaran was built to demonstrate the application of the tandem lifting body concept to a multi hull vessel. This fiberglass vessel has demonstrated excellent motions in high sea states and provides exceptional efficiency. Combined with ARES, the TLB Cat is a stable working platform and is able to accommodate a large group of passengers and crew.

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