The SAM (Seakindly, Anti-Slamming Monohull) was developed by Navatek Ltd. and is optimized for very high ride quality, improved overall seakindliness and stability at rest. The SAM comes in a 30' and 40' versions. The hull features a variable deadrise hull with a pair of tunnels and sponsons/amas that reduce slamming, pounding and stuffing. This design allows the boat to be operational in sea levels greater than 5 feet.

    - Reduced slamming, pounding and stuffing

    - Forward low center of gravity for flatter running trim and less pitching

    - Good payload capacity

    - Prop or water-jet propulsion options

    - RIB and USV options available


    - Features a slender, variable deadrise, main hull stabilized by a pair of fine amas (sponsons) connected to each side of this hull by a transverse structure

    - The transverse structure creates two entrapment tunnels that capture water at low speed; entrained air/water at moderate speed; and air at high speed


SAM 30

SAM 40

LOA: 33'8"

Beam (including tubes): 9'10"

Draft: 3'5"

Displacement at Light Ship: 5,900 lbs

Displacement at Full Load: 11,000 lbs

Max Speed: +45 knots

Cruise Speed: 30 knots

Range at Cruise: 200 Nautical Miles

Hull/Deck Construction: Composite: FR Epoxy, S-glass, Foam Core

Max Horsepower:

Fuel Capacity: 100 Gallons

LOA: 40'10"

Beam (including tubes): 12'1"

Draft: 2'6"

Displacement at Light Ship: 7,650 lbs

Displacement at Full Load: 14,800 lbs

Max Speed: 36 knots

Cruise Speed: 25 knots

Range at Cruise:

Hull/Deck Construction: Composite: Epoxy, S-glass, Foam Core, E-Glass

Max Horsepower: Twin 300 HP  Outboards

Fuel Capacity: 160 Gallons

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