Navatek Boat Builders operates out of Pier 41 and shares the shipyard with its parent company, Pacific Shipyards International. Navatek Boat Builders specializes in fiberglass and metal fabrication, vessel maintenance and CNC machining. The facility is capable of the construction and maintenance of vessels up to 100 feet length overall. Navatek Boat Builders has a team of professional individuals capable of advanced projects with experience from government contracts, military contracts and Navatek Ltd. technology demonstrators.
The metal fabrication department fabricates aluminum boats and marine components. In addition to its own tools, Navatek Boat Builders has access to a complete set of heavy industrial tools and machinery from its sister company, Pacific Shipyards International.
Navatek Boat Builders operates a Thermwood 5-axis CNC machine with a production envelope of 10 X 5 X 3.5 feet. The router is capable of shaping complex 3D parts from carbon, foam, aluminum, fiberglass, wood and other materials. FIBERGLASS DEPARTMENT
Navatek Boat Builders fiberglass (FRP) department constructs composite vessels up to 100 ft. length overall. The department is located in a new 4,000 square feet all weather fabrication bay that was built in 2010. It is equipped with twin 10-ton rolling gantry cranes and a CNC router.

Navatek ship hull forms and products are covered by multiple patents and trademarks.  Visit:

Navatek Boat Builders

Honolulu, Hawaii

PH: (808) 848-6333 ext. 324